With Homebrew on OSX

Homebrew is a package manager for OSX. It can be installed in OSX with a single Ruby command:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"


Homebrew requires XCode and the command line tools to be installed.

Installing MORSE

  1. Download Blender and copy the apps to /Applications. Blender is not currently available as a recipe in Homebrew.


    MORSE_BLENDER should be added to your .bashrc and must point to the actual executable, not the app directory:

  2. Check which version of Python is used by Blender. For that purpose, in a console,

    echo 'import sys; print("VERSION %s" % sys.version.split()[0]); sys.exit(0)' > /tmp/version.py
    ${MORSE_BLENDER} -y -P /tmp/version.py 2>&1 | grep VERSION
  3. Once you get the version used by Blender, grab the exact same version from python website <http://www.python.org> and install it.

  4. Install MORSE using Homebrew:

    brew tap morse-simulator/morse
    brew install morse-simulator


If you have multiples version of Python3 installed in /usr/local/bin, please specify the right one with ``–with-python=/usr/local/bin/python3.x.y`.

Formula Options

The default Homebrew formula configures and installs MORSE with support for only the sockets middleware. The following formula options are available to enable support for other middlewares:

  • --with-ros
  • --with-moos
  • --with-pocolibs
  • --with-yarp2

Additionally documentation generating documentation and HLA support can be enabled with the following flags:

  • --with-doc
  • --with-hla

Pymorse bindings can be enabled used the flag:

  • --with-pymorse

E.g. to install MORSE with generated documentation and support for ROS:

brew install morse-simulator --with-doc --with-ros


To update to the latest version of MORSE after installation:

brew update
brew install --upgrade morse-simulator


To uninstall MORSE:

brew uninstall morse-simulator

ROS Installation

ROS for OSX can be installed from source using Homebrew with the instructions.

Once installed, ROS should work out-of-the-box in MORSE.

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