With robotpkgΒΆ

robotpkg is a package manager for robotic software based on NetBSD ports. It supports Linux, * BSD and Darwin (MacOS X).


If you are upgrading a previous morse installation, skip directly to step 2.

  1. Install and bootstrap robotpkg and robotpkg-wip using these instructions: robotpkg installation and robotpkg-wip installation (should take less than 5 min)

  2. Add the following environment variables to your system:

    # If using tcsh
    setenv ROBOTPKG_BASE $HOME/openrobots
    setenv PKG_CONFIG_PATH $HOME/openrobots/lib/pkgconfig
    # If using bash
    export ROBOTPKG_BASE=$HOME/openrobots
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$HOME/openrobots/lib/pkgconfig
  3. Go to $ROBOTPKG/simulation/morse

  4. Type make update

  5. Go have a coffee :-) robotpkg will download and compile all the required dependencies, including Blender.

  6. The previous package only installs middleware support for text and socket. If you want support for additional middlewares, repeat the operation in $ROBOTPKG/simulation/morse-yarp, $ROBOTPKG/wip/morse-pocolibs.


If you get an error about python-sphinx you can skip the doc installation by adding PKG_OPTIONS.morse += -doc to $ROBOTPKG_BASE/etc/robotpkg.conf.