To build Pocolibs bindings (the LAAS-CNRS middleware), you need to install Pocolibs on your system, as well as the interfaces of the modules you want to use.

The robotpkg way

The recommended way to do it is through robotpkg (see robotpkg homepage for more information).

To install:

$ cd robotpkg/middleware/pocolibs
$ make update

After this, you will need to install the different modules you need to test using MORSE. This is done by going into the individual package directories and running make update.

Finally, you must also install the MORSE-Pocolibs bindings. To install these, you simply need to do this:

$ cd $ROBOTPKG_BASE/robotpkg/wip/morse-pocolibs
$ make update

The support for video camera output (viam) and depth camera output (stereopixel) is optional since their availability depends on the module being used. You can add this specific support by configuring the options for the morse-pocolibs package (by editing ${ROBOTPKG_BASE}/etc/robotpkg.conf or on the command line):

PKG_OPTIONS.morse-pocolibs += viam


To make it working properly, you need to install all your genom modules with the robotpkg python option.

The manual way

If you want to build the interface for a genom module by hand, remember to pass the flag -y to genom so that it generates the cstruct python interface used by Morse to communicate with Pocolibs.

Specific configuration

In addition to the normal configuration necessary for Morse, you must take care of two variables:

  • genom does not install its Python interface in the standard PYTHONPATH, so you need to add to your PYTHONPATH, ${PREFIX}/share/modules/python.

  • Morse relies on the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to find libposterLib.so, which is used to communicate with pocolibs. If pocolibs has been installed with robotpkg, it is located in ${ROBOTPKG_BASE}/lib. It is not recommended to globally set this variable in your shell (since it may affect other software), so it is better to use an alias in your shell configuration file:

    alias morse = 'env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${ROBOTPKG_BASE}/lib morse'