With Homebrew on OSX

Homebrew is a package manager for OSX. It can be installed in OSX with a single Ruby command:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)"


Homebrew requires XCode and the command line tools to be installed.

Installing MORSE

  1. Download Blender and copy the apps to /Applications. Blender is not currently available as a recipe in Homebrew.


    MORSE_BLENDER should point to the actual executable, not the app directory:

  2. Install Python3 using Homebrew:

    brew install python3
  3. Install MORSE using Homebrew:

    brew tap morse-simulator/morse
    brew install morse-simulator


The Python3 version installed must exactly match the Python version used by Blender. The latest Homebrew Python3 formula installs Python 3.3.1 while the latest Blender version uses 3.3.0. To install 3.3.0 run the following commands before installing python3:

cd /usr/local
git checkout 864e9f1 /usr/local/Library/Formula/python3.rb

The provided hash can be found by running:

brew versions python3

Formula Options

The default Homebrew formula configures and installs MORSE with support for only the sockets middleware. The following formula options are available to enable support for other middlewares:

  • --with-ros
  • --with-moos
  • --with-pocolibs
  • --with-yarp2

Additionally documentation generating documentation and HLA support can be enabled with the following flags:

  • --with-doc
  • --with-hla

Pymorse bindings can be enabled used the flag:

  • --with-pymorse

E.g. to install MORSE with generated documentation and support for ROS:

brew install morse-simulator --with-doc --with-ros


To update to the latest version of MORSE after installation:

brew update
brew install --upgrade morse-simulator


To uninstall MORSE:

brew uninstall morse-simulator

ROS Installation Issues

ROS for OSX can be installed from source using Homebrew with the instructions.

In addition to the instructions provided on the ROS website, a Python 3 version of rospkg must be installed for MORSE to operate properly:

sudo pip3 install rospkg

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